Road Bike and Gravel Routes

Summit to Sea Loop

  Milage: 45, Elevation: 1300′, 85%+ off street!  Beginner – Advanced Groups Available.

Ride Description

This route encompasses all of the splendors that Orange County has to offer in a primarily off-street route. The start of this ride begins in one of the many parks within Orange County with bathrooms, water, shade shelters and even a citrus grove complete with a lookout above the park. (It should be mentioned that there are parks with bathrooms, water and shade along the entirety of this route) The first portion of the route is where you will encounter about half of the on-street mileage where the trails terminate on side streets to get you through a couple of the larger neighborhoods, but you will find that quickly you are back on the off-street paved trails and on your way to what’s ahead.

As you continue along the paths, you’re welcomed by the riverbed and some of the nature which lives within the suburban environment. As you continue west toward the ocean the landscape opens up and you can begin to look back and see the majesty which is the Saddleback Mountain Range and the tallest of the peaks, Santiago Peak. Your route continues along the riverbed to the Newport Back Bay where you will circle the bay area before you begin your return trip toward the mountains. As you come around the bay you will not only notice the diverse user groups of the waterway, but also the many species of wildlife that call Orange County their home. You will have the pleasure of uninterrupted views of the bay and Pacific Ocean as well as to the mountains with views of a majority of Orange County in the foreground.

You’re now headed back along the other side of the bay with views of the mountains in constant sight, very gradually gaining back the elevation that you lost leaving the foothills down to the ocean. You will travel along portions of the path that you rode out on, but will also divert onto rolling hills and along the outskirts of preserve and open space lands. As you rise and fall on the return, the paths will also take you along side many of the communities and green belt areas that these neighborhoods have to offer until you are back at the start of your adventure, where again you will have access to restrooms, water and shade.

30 Mile Loop

Milage: 30, Elevation: 1350′, Beginner – Advanced Groups Available.  Ride Duration: 1.5 – 4 Hours

Ride Description

Irvine Lake – Santiago Canyon – Portola

40 Mile Loop

  Milage: 40, Elevation: 2300′, Beginner – Advanced Groups Available. Ride Duration: 2-5 Hours

Ride Description

Same as the 30 Mile Loop and adds in some “Swiss Alp” climb brilliance via Live Oak

50 Mile Loop

  Milage: 50, Elevation: 2800′, Intermediate – Advanced Groups Available. Ride Duration: 4-6 Hours

Ride Description

The same as the 40 Mile Loop, with some Bonus Pedal Pushing

Gravel 24mi or 38mi out and back

  Milage: 24-38, Appx Elevation: 2000-3800′, Intermediate – Advanced Groups Available.  Strenuous due to distance and elevation. Ride Duration 3-5 Hours

Ride Description

This awesome gravel ride gives you two options.  A 24 mile gravel ride or a longer, 38 mile option if you are feeling spicy.

Option 1: Go out and ride Skyline.

Option 2: If you want the bonus, descend Skyline, then turn around and head home.

Gravel 32 Mile

  Milage: 32, Appx Elevation: 3200′, Intermediate – Advanced Groups Available.  Strenuous due to distance and elevation. Ride Duration 4-6 Hours

Ride Description

3200ft climb Loop- Maple Springs-Harding


The road bike routes and demos of Revolution Bike Fest next weekend is a huge reason (in fact the reason we dreamed up Revolution).

Chances are you have 10 closet cyclists in your neighborhood, that could be riding with you; maybe it’s time you found out and added them to your riding “buddy list”.


One of my favorite bike trip memories. Charity and I road a rainy 104 miles at Levi’s Grand Fondo with Matt and Meredith Ford.

 Bikes bring people together. Road Bikes are accessible at reasonable price points, and very few race road bikes, they are tools to get outside and enjoy the community.  Ever wonder how many people have bikes in your neighborhood?  A “cant lie” indicator is the drastic increase of bike traffic in Orange County during the July Tour de France.

My favorite Road Bike Reality: it brings people together. Community. Conversation. Like minded challenge.  Shave your legs or not; everyone can ride a bike (or has the ability to- hey you just have to learn once).  I’ve ridden with my mom when she was 40.  I’ve ridden with my dad and he just turned 69.  My 3 daughters road to the harbor in San Clemente with Charity and I when they were 4, 6 and 7.

One of the most grainy, real, fun experiential memories of my childhood family memories are on a bike.  I’ve had adult friendships blossom on the miles put in training for the Amtrak and Solvang Centuries; and one of the most epic Levi’s Grand Fondo in Santa Rosa with my wife, and another couple that have become lifelong friends.

Two ways you can participate on one of Revolution Bike Fest’s Road ride Experiences?

  1. Bring your bike…any kind of bike – road bike, just two wheels…we’ll have all kinds of bikes, all price points, and lots of skill levels of people who are just out to have  a good time.
  2. Demo (borrow a loaner Bike) from one of the manufacturers in the Expo Area-

Demo Road Bikes are available from:

  • BH Bike Co
  • Giant
  • Specialized
  • Trek
  • KHS Bicycles
  • Jamis Bicycles

All road bike demos will be on a first come first serve basis, and available from the manufacturers at their Demo Trucks in the Expo Area starting on Friday Afternoon 4-6pm. Demo availability in the mornings for Day Ticket Arrivals begins at 6:00am. 

Road Rides and Gravel Bits:

Here are a couple of the Orange County Rides (Road and Gravel) available directly from Revolution Bike Fest Hub @ Irvine Lake 


How will the Road and Gravel Rides work?

We’ll provide maps and a central meeting place. Ride ambassadors will lead the charge and be casually inserted into groups. Rides will typically be at social paces (and of course there will be those who go hammer to get back for lunch and beer).

Are the Rides Supported?

These are unsupported rides, in the “traditional sense” . No aid stations are along the way, so pack your pockets, water bottles, tubes, air, gels, and extra Chammois Butter. Of course we’re here to help so we’ll have lunch for you to pack, KIND BARS for you to pack, and Fluid Hydration on hand for you to prepare your bottles for a great day on the bike.

If you run into trouble, there is a help number on your ride sheet, for directions or if your tire has a fatal failure one of our Bike Shuttles will be dispatched to reach you on the road. Gravel Grinders, that’s a tougher mechanical rescue; make sure you’ve got what you need and ride with friends along the way.

Meeting Place is Expo Information Center for all rides at 7:45am

Ready for the ride of your life? It’s easy to Buy Your Ticket Here

I cannot wait for you to get here.