bike demos

Bike Demos

What bikes will be at Revolution?

Ready for a Marathon Bike Demo Day?

Bike Demo Hours:

Friday, November 9 – 2:00PM – 4:00 PM:

Early birds get the worm. Come check out the availability from retailers and bike brands…some will be demoing bikes on Friday, or at least helping you get sized up and reserved so you can get out on the trial first thing in the morning. Not all bike demos will be ready to send out their fleet, but for those of you who want to get the lay of the land and be here first thing Saturday morning you’ll want to be here Friday too.

Saturday & Sunday  – 8:00AM – 4:00PM :

Come to the Bike Demo and Expo – Pick your bike and take your first spin…come back and try your next. E-Bike, gravel, mountain, or road. We’ll update the Demo list below as it grows.

Bulls Bikes USA
Santa Cruz
Emotion by BH
Penhale Bicycle Co.


Can I ride them On Site?

Yes!  We have a Demo track that loops onsite with plenty of varied terrain for you to quick demo the bikes on.  Climbs, downhill, turns, dirt, road, gravel, pump track and more.

Can I ride them Off Site?

Some of the bikes will be allowed off-site, it’s up to the Bike Demo staff of each brand!  We want you to have a shot to ride as many bikes as you want so they have to come back…it’s not an all-day pass for one bike, it’s an all-day-pass to keep coming back and trying something new.

That’s why the demo bikes are there.  Grab a road bike and head off on a road ride. Grab a bike  and ride the trails with your friends.  Or, head over to the Pump Track and spend the day playing on our adult playground.

Are Demo Bikes free to ride?

Included in your General Admission ($10/Day) or Race Entry (see Reg page)!  The Demo Bikes are included in the price of your admission.  Have at it and have fun.

Where can I find the Demo Bikes at Revolution?

Smack dab in the middle of the Bike Demo & Expo.

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