What types of bikes will be at Revolution?

All types!  Most of the Demo Bikes will be Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and Electric Bikes.

Can I ride them On Site?

Yes!  We have a Demo track that loops onsite with plenty of varied terrain for you to quick demo the bikes on.  Climbs, downhill, turns, dirt, road, gravel, pump track and more.

Can I ride them Off Site?

Absolutely!  That’s why the demo bikes are there.  Grab a road bike and head off on a road ride. Grab a mountain bike  and ride one of our local trails with your friends.  Or, head over to the Pump Track and spend the day playing on our adult playground.

Are Demo Bikes free to ride?

Yes!  The Demo Bikes are included in the price of your admission.  Have at it and have fun.

Where can I find the Demo Bikes at Revolution?

Smack dab in the middle of the Tech, Expo, Demo area.  Map coming soon!