Saturday morning we will be hosting at HUNKR 100km Gravel Race!

A HUNKR is a 100 kilometer bicycle race featuring the following:

  • A Mass Start – all racers will be staged based on their projected finishing time, and will start together. This format allows for a shared experience. Drive together, start together, finish about the same time and hang out afterwards together.
  • 100km distance.
  • Close to population centers, and feature beautiful terrain. Iconic roads and paths play a big part in course set up.
  • Courses are designed so the racers will never have to stop
  • Prize purse for top winners.

Over the Hump

Over the Hump is a community for fun and camaraderie, around the sport of mountain biking. We also happen to create some enthusiastic two wheeled competition for the whole family. Sounds trite? Until you visit OTH live, you haven’t lived it, and probably won’t believe it, so come visit for yourself. You’ll leave a better person.


Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series is designed to be a fun, relaxed event for everyone. Our race course has been designed to challenge all levels of riders, and give you a great place to experience the fun and excitement of mountain bike racing.