Revolution Map

The Map

The above map shows the venue layout for Revolution Bike Fest at Oak Canyon Park at Irvine Lake in Orange County, CA.

Tech / Expo / Demo Area

The Tech, Expo, Demo area features all of our Sponsor, Exhibitor, and Demo Bike Manufactures.  This is where all of the action happens.  Snag a Demo Bike here.  Check out all the latest and greatest gear.  Connect with all the brands and shops at Revolution Bike Fest.  The Tech, Expo, Demo area is located in the center of the action, just east of the pond.

Bike Park Courses  / Jump Runs / Electric Bike Demo Course

The Skills Course and Jump Runs are located on a big, downhill section of dirt on the hill just southwest of the main venue area.  It is surrounded by supplemental camping areas and a hilltop picnic area for you to refuel for more sick downhill action.

Pump Track

The Pump Track is being worked into our Bike Park Beginner Line.  Are you ready to “flow”. Just steps or a few pedal strokes away from Family Camping.


We have 3 camping areas at Revolution.  Camping area #1 is the main camping area situated just a stone’s throw southeast of the Tech, Expo, Demo area.  The Ride in Camping area is on the same grass field as the Tech, Expo, Demo area, centrally located as an added bonus for the eco friendly among us.  You can find Camping area #2 located to the southwest of the main Tech, Expo, Demo area, near the Skills Course and Jump Run with the Family Camping Area just at the top of the hill.


There are two main parking areas at Revolution Bike Fest.  The Main parking area is at the east end of the venue, with the secondary parking located at the western end, near Camping Area #2 and the Slalom Course and Jump Runs.

Live Music Stage

Our awesome concert stage is located in a large, open grass field next to expo.  Your photos will be epic!  Make sure to relax at the end of the day on Saturday with some live tunes.

Food Court

Our Food Court is dead center to everything in the venue to keep you from getting hangery (hungry + angry).  Enjoy some good eats post ride or during concert at the food court.

Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is located… You guessed it.  Next to the food court and within easy distance from everywhere at Revolution.  You’re welcome.