What to Expect - Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Pre-Register? – Click the registration link, fill in all of the information, and click to register.  It’s that simple!

Can I Register on Event day? – Yes, just pay at the gate!

Do I need to fill out a release form to participate in Revolution? – No.  You sign a release as part of our online registration process.

Is there Parking? – YES!  Parking is handled by Castaic Lake and is $11 per day.

I have no experience on a bike.  Is Revolution for me? Yes!!  Revolution is a Bike Festival that celebrates the bike lifestyle for all levels of experience.  Revolution is a great way to be introduced to the sport of cycling while surrounded by like minded people, industry experts, bike shops that are there specifically to help you explore the world of cycling, and brands that support the cycling industry.  Come out and have fun with us!

I’m an advanced cyclist.  Will Revolution challenge me? Yes!  Revolution features many different rides, races, tours, demos, and education tracks designed to appeal to all levels of riders and enthusiasts.

I don’t ride, but I am coming with someone who does.  Will I have fun? – Yes!  Come out and live the fun with the best group of people on the planet.  We have live bands, great food, delicious beer, fun activities, a carnival like atmosphere, and more for you to enjoy.  You can even hop on a demo bike and experience cycling first hand with a great group of people.

Do I need to belong to a bike race association? No. Come as you are!  Our only rules are HAVE FUN & Respect Others.

Are outside food and beverages allowed?  Yes.

Will there be food allergy friendly food?  Options will be available.  If you have strict dietary requirements, you may want to bring your own food.

Water stations?  Where are they?  Yes we have water stations.  They are located at the main expo area and the campgrounds.

How far away is parking?  All parking is onsite and close.

What breweries will be at Revolution?  Check here to see the list of breweries.

Is there security at the campsites?  Yes, but as with any event, it is not smart to leave your valuables unsecured.  Keep your stuff safely locked away.

Can I camp without a tent? Yes, but you may be a bit exposed.

If I need something I forgot, where can I go to buy things?  There are several stores in the surrounding area that can accommodate your needs.

I won’t be able to check in until late on Friday.  Will someone be there to tell me where to go?  We will have someone to direct you until 10pm.

What if I am bringing a tent and my friends have an RV campsite.  Can we camp together? Yes, if they have room.  Otherwise you will need to purchase an RV campsite to be next to them.

If I want to leave the festival to get food, can I do that?  Of course!  But we have plenty of options onsite for you too.

Will the OTH course course be open to ride?  Some of it.  The single track is OFF LIMITS.  Be sure to check out the E-Bike Course, Skills Area, and more.  All New!

Will there be kids rides?  Yes!  There are a ton of options.  Check them out here.

What if I pay for the weekend and have to leave early.  Can I get my money back?  No.  We don’t offer refunds.

Will there be a repair station with mechanics to fix bikes?  Yes.  Several bikes shops will be onsite to take care of your needs.

How does my bike get to the rides?  You ride.

Can I bring my dog?  Pets need to be on a leash at all times.

I lost my wristband, can I get another one? Yes.  See the concierge booth.

Have more questions that we have not answered: email us at info@raceoth.com or post your questions on the website, and we’ll get the answers posted ASAP.

See you at Revolution! -The Enthusiast Group