Trail Etiquette - Revolution

Multi-Use Trail Etiquette: Remember that bikers yield to hikers and that both hikers and bikers yield to equestrians.


  • Speak courteously and call out appropriately to others.  Give them time to react after you alert them to your presence, and NEVER assume they know you are approaching.
  • Stay on the trail! Creating your own paths, using unmarked trails or creating switchbacks creates erosion, damages habitat and could lead to illegal trespassing.
  • Respect others; expect other users.  When in doubt, give others the right of way.
  • Keep your ears open for approaching trail users.  If using headphones, keep the volume low or use one earbud.
  • Don’t assume your fellow trail users know trail etiquette – they may be new to trail use and still learning.  If someone acts in error, be kind and courteous in suggesting a correction, stressing safe shared trail use.  Be an ambassador for trail etiquette, not an enforcer.

Revolution Bike Fest holds these bike events in partnership with OC Parks.  OC Parks’ facilities offer something for everyone – recreation, nature, quality time with friends and family, opportunities to learn about the history of Orange County, and more.  OC Parks is committed to managing its facilities to maximize public enjoyment while providing contentious stewardship to maintain the lands so they are available for generations to come.  For more information about the parks that these events occur in, please visit