Mountain Bike Race - Revolution

Fun Mountain Bike Racing- No License Needed

Only Requirement: leave your ego in the car and come play bikes with us!

Sunday November 11, 2018

Two Rules that Govern our Protected Mountain Bike Race Paradise:

  1. Have Fun
  2. Be Nice
  3. (There are a couple others in case we need them, you can see them HERE)

Friendly Fun Competition is one way to describe Over the Hump (and our brothers and sisters in arms at PedalFest and Quick N’ Dirty).

But we think there’s a better way to Describe our brand of fun.

We throw a party that happens to be a bike race.

There’s a race class for everyone…and the Castaic Course is FUN!

Improved race format courtesy of weekend racing schedule; We’ll race 3 separate races:

Sunday, November 11 Race Schedule:

  • Race #1 – 8:30am Jr’s, Beginner & Intermediate Classes
  • Race #2 – 9:30 am Sport, Super Sport, Clydes, Big  Bike, Single Speed & Elite
  • Race #3 -11:00 am Kid’s 6-8 & 9-11 yrs

MTB Race Course Preview

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ClassAgesDistance (approx)Laps (approx)
Big Bikes (New)Openvaries2-3
Men’s Elite44 & under16-20mi4
Men’s Elite Masters45 & over16-20mi4
Women’s EliteAll ages12-15mi3
Super Sport 135 & under12-15mi3
Super Sport 236 - 4912-15mi3
Super Sport Masters50 & over12-15mi3
Single SpeedAll Ages12-15mi3
Men’s Sport 2929 and under12-15mi3
Men’s Sport 3930-3912-15mi3
Men’s Sport 4940-4912-15mi3
Men’s Sport 5050 & over12-15mi3
BIG BIKESOpen8-10mi2
Clydesdale Open200 lbs +12-15mi3
Men’s 60+ (Open)60 & over8-10mi2
Boy’s Juniors (Group A)12 to 15 yrs8-10mi2
Boy’s Juniors (Group B)12 to 15 yrs4-5mi1
Women’s Sport -4412 to 44 yrs8-10mi2
Women’s Sport +4545 & over8-10mi2
Women’s Intermediate -4412 to 44 yrs8-10mi2
Women’s Intermediate +4545 & over8-10mi2
Intermediate 2929 and under8-10mi2
Intermediate 3930-398-10mi2
Intermediate 4940-498-10mi2
Intermediate 5050 & over8-10mi2
Men’s Beginner 2929 & under8-10mi2
Men’s Beginner 3930-398-10mi2
Men’s Beginner 4940-498-10mi2
Men’s Beginner 50+50 & over8-10mi2
Women’s Beginner 44-12-44
Women’s Beginner 45+45 & Over8-10mi2
Girl’s Juniors "Group A"12 to 15 yrs8-10mi2
Girl’s Juniors "Group B"12 to 15 yrs4-5mi1

**Course may vary from week to week and mileage and laps posted here may change, but it is a good guideline as you’re selecting the class you’ll be participating in.