Electric Bike Demo Course

What makes the Electric Bike Demo Course special? Well, you might not believe it till you try it, so here’s your chance. Come ride an E-Bike at Revolution Bike Fest November 4-6.


E-bikes are getting a lot of attention from passionate bikers to casual commuters, seems like the “trend” is gaining a lot of steam.

E-bikes are designed to make climb easier, go farther with less effort, save sweaty arm pits for the gym, not your board meeting after the commute. Whether your goal is to assist you going further, or chase your steroid positive friends on their climb up Blackstar bike fanatics might be surprised how awesome E-bikes are.

For the burned out, tired, or just plain “need a fun buzz” biker, electric is putting the fun back in for even the most diehard bikers.

Craig and Monica Erion have discovered the fun that a pedal assist bump can give:

Craig said, “Monica  and I have never been happier riding together on our Specialized Turbo Levos. Remember, before Strava, how much fun mountain biking was? It’s back!”


Exclusively available to Revolution Bike Fest Attendees only.  Electric Bike Course is on the west side of the venue, by Family Camping, and Terrain Park. (Haven’t bought your ticket yet, that’s OK, click here or buy onsite November 5th, or 6th.


E-bike course will be open fromm 8am-5pm Saturday, November 5, and Sunday, November 6 8am -3pm.

What is the E-Bike Course:

E-bike course is approximately 1 mile, and will allow you to see the amazing capability of pedal assist bikes. While it is on dirt, it’s a tame route based on speed, so put you your helmet, get set up with a bike from one of the manufacturers, and find out what everybody’s been talking about.

What E-Bikes can I try?:

Commuters and e-bike shredders will be in hog-heaven, with all the choices and cool closed course loop at Revolution. Come check it out.

Ready to demo an E-bike: Join the Revolution Here


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