Carmichael Training Systems Joins the Revolution

CTS has joined Revolution to bring the best of their offerings into the festival. From Skills Clinic, Recovery, PLUS they are offering $100 off select coaching packages

  • Visit the CTS Booth NormaTec Recovery Center – recover after your hard day’s ride(s).screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-5-47-49-am
  • CLINIC: 1 hour to Improve Road bike skills Saturday and Sunday.  We finish the clinic with a contest…winner gets a prize.
  • See CTS on-site white board at our booth advertising our clinics:  Training with Power 101 on Saturday and Pre race, Race day and post race nutrition talk on Sunday.

Performance Training Package Rafflescreen-shot-2016-10-27-at-6-05-34-am

 1 day coaching package with either a bike fit or a lab test followed by half day with a Pro Coach to plan out the season (Every entry getsAll entries will receive $100 off a 2017 CTS Camp*)


Meet the CTS coaches joining us for Revolution: Paul, Kris, and Jeana.


Paul Ruggiero


I’ve has been coaching endurance athletes from every walk of life for the past decade.  From Champions in various disciplines and regions, Ironman qualifiers, local legends and the guy just getting off the couch and looking for a healthier lifestyle.  I thrive on learning, racing and teaching anything related to bikes.  After honing my racing chops in road and triathlon, I’m now an official cyclocross junkie.

I believe in balancing athletic and other life pursuits and tailoring training around the individual.   Coaching is my dream job, and I thrive on interacting with people.  I get to know each athlete as a whole person and learn what motivates each individual athlete to get the results they want. I’m a specialist at “on the bike” coaching,  and my motivational skills are put to use at CTS training camps all year long.

I’m available for private training camps as well as physiological testing services at CTS locations.


Kris Sveen

Competitive cycling for me has served as my Rosetta Stone into all things concerned with healthy living. The sheer nature of endurance sports make us keen on the importance of everything we do and put into our body- there’s nothing quite like it.

Through cycling I have developed peripheral interests/obsessions in healthy cooking, ensuring my own proper rest/recovery, and stress management. The most crucial element for an endurance athlete is learning how to balance these aforementioned areas in conjunction with a properly tailored training regime. For me, cycling started as just a form of exercise, quickly matured into a passion and ultimately became a driving force in my life as well as a form of competition.

My personal training revolves around being fit for multi-day road races with lots of climbing (such as the Everest Challenge) and lengthy gravel adventures. I like to think of my training as a “healthy mix of work and play.” I place great importance in enjoying my time spent on the bike while training and make sure my athletes also hold true to the reasons they started riding bikes, running, or swimming in the first place.

When I am not in the saddle training and exploring the local mountains you can find me in the classroom teaching college courses, in the kitchen trying out new recipes, or on the computer writing articles for a fitness blog.


Jeana Miller

After completing my master’s degree in Kinesiology I coordinated two wellness programs at California State University, Fullerton for ten years. This experience gave me the opportunity to share my passion for health and well-being with people from the age of 20 to 100 years old. I believe that exercise and movement is the key to a happy and healthy life! In my role as a coach for Carmichael Training Systems, I’m an expert in personal coaching, private camps, race-day support crew, weight management, creating resistance training programs, implementing the mental aspects of endurance racing, and nutrition strategy. I thrive on helping others learn to push their limits and reach their dreams!


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