BMX Bike Show is Coming to Revolution

BMX Bike Show is coming to Revolution Bike Fest.  Show times to be announced soon.  Stay tuned!


About Team Soil and BMX Bike Show


BMX Bike Show is performed by Team Soil.  Killer execution, backflips, 360’s, seat grabs, autograph session and more.  Here is their awesome team:

The Team Soil Story


Well I guess you can say it all started in 1995 at the ABA King Of Dirt. At this point there was only 1 Bmx Dirt contest that mattered; The King of Dirt. So TJ Lavin, current Host of MTV’S real world vs road rules, won the king of dirt contest. TJ lived in Las Vegas and was a good friend of Ryan Brennan , Josh Stricker, Shaun Butler, and current Team Manager Ricky Vigil. So Team Soil owner Ryan Brennan made a video to cover the group of friend’s travels around the country as Bmx started to grow into a mainstream sport.

In 1997, Soil is realeased in less than one year Soil had become a cult classic and was being bootlegged in foriegn countries.To this day Soil has never been released to DVD.

After “Soil”, the full feature box film, Ryan Brennan began managing Course Designs for Big Clients at the young age of 19. He also secured contract with MTV to design and build bmx courses. After picking the best build team available, demand for BMX courses soared, which allowed for the creation of Soil Productions “design and execution team”.  Soil Productions has gone on to build jumps and courses all over the world.

So, after many builds, and working in the BMX Industry, Ryan found that he had a talented team of riders he could film.  They named themselves Team Soil. Team Soil hailed from all over the westcoast and regularly traveled to the east coast to ride famous riding spots and enter Bmx Dirt Contests.

A decade after turing pro at 16 years old, Ryan Brennan, 1997 Bmx Dirt World Champion, started Team Soil travelling Bmx Bike Shows with the help of Team Manager Ricky Vigil (inventor of the triple barspin). To this day you can see these Bmx Legends still shredding for Soil.



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